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Want to make sure your lines look and work as well as the day they were installed? We highly recommend taking advantage of our Draft Beer Maintenance Program.

We do not take on more Maintenance Programs that we feel we can effectively give our full attention to.

If you’re worried about the cost we can supply you with a fee to provide the service for a year and then prorate that to a monthly cost. We know this is an added expense on top of designing and installing your draft system and that is why we offer the opportunity to break up the payments over a 12-month period. This helps you out while allowing us the ability to keep the system to the high standard we want lines with our name on them to maintain.

Remember, if you don’t maintain your lines it can result in a pour with an “off” taste. This is because of bacteria and yeast buildup inside your lines. If you are selling beers that don’t taste the way your patrons are used to, it can result in your reputation being tainted, which in turn will hurt your bottom line. The best way to prevent this is with regular maintenance and quarterly deep cleaning.

Our maintenance package will provide you with a Quarterly deep cleaning visit, which will include:

  • Initial deep cleaning
  • Deep, circulation, caustic line cleaning
  • Deep, circulation, acid line cleaning
  • Faucets disassembled and cleaned, washers replaced as needed
  • Keg couplers brushed and soaked, sanitized and cleaned
  • Cleaning of exposed trunk beer line inside of the cooler
  • Clamp replacement if needed
  • Monitor pour temperature
  • Address any issues you might be having
  • Service records kept on premises

Gas Line Jumpers

A recent study noted by noted that systems cleaned weekly had sales gains of 2%. The same study also found that lines that were not regularly cleaned saw a 7% decline.

This is something to take into consideration when it comes to your gas line jumpers. You can’t afford to forget to take proper care of these, so we will do it for you as part of our regular maintenance program. Jumpers are the vinyl lines that take the beer from the coupler to the wall bracket that leads to the beer trunk. These lines need to be replaced on a regular basis, (every 12-18 months). If you do not change your lines they are subject to build up that will inhibit the quality of your beer over time.

This is a step that can be missed by other providers. We will not miss this step because it is an important step in keeping your system clean.

To put it simply:
Clean Beer Systems = Repeat Sales

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